LibraryH3lp Documentation

Welcome to LibraryH3lp! In the left sidebar, you'll find handy links to help you explore all the features available to you. And in the menu bar at the top of this page, you'll find handy links to the admin dashboard, webclient for staffing, frequently asked questions, news, and product/service status.

If you are trialing LibraryH3lp, you'll want to check out the "Getting started" series in the left sidebar. The series starts with your first chat and concludes with gathering statistics and generating reports with all sorts of configuration goodies in between. This series is also useful if you are new to LibraryH3lp, perhaps through a change of responsibilities or hiring within your organization.

Within LibraryH3lp there are two staff-facing user interfaces. All users have access to both user interfaces, but a user needs administrative priviledges in order to do and see many things in the admin dashboard.

  • The admin dashboard is used to manage your LibraryH3lp account. The admin dashboard does not have a chat capability, that is exclusively within the webclient. So logging into the admin dashboard will not bring your chat box online.
  • The webclient for staffing is used to staff LibraryH3lp. Logging into the webclient will bring your chat box online and make it available to receive incoming chats from guests.

Overview video of the webclient for staffing

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