Zero to Hero: Monitor chat activity

So far you're chatting with guests using at least one customized chat box. You have user accounts for all your operators, organized them by department using queues, and you've established guest self-service by building your first FAQ. But, wait! There's more!

Now that your chat service is a busy hive of activity. You'll want to monitor it.

Step 1: Login to admin dashboard or webclient.

Whoa! Hold up. Admin dashboard or webclient? What gives?

We think that being able to monitor chats is so important to your chat service that we've made it available in both the admin dashboard and the webclient.

Pro tip! LibraryH3lp supports permissions. Each user who logs in can only see chats on queues to which they are assigned as operators unless the user has special administrative privileges.

Step 2: Click the Chat History button in the admin dashboard left sidebar or webclient.

Deleting/Anonymizing/Downloading chat metadata and transcripts.


In the next installment, we'll talk about reports.

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