Putting a widget on a web page

There are lots of ways to put a widget onto your site with LibraryH3lp. We have options for novices and technical gurus.

Simple iframe Chat Snippets in the admin dashboard DIY code and APIs
  • Easy to deploy, highly visible. Great for exposing chat to guests.
  • Embedded widgets only.
  • Widget always visible, even when offline.
  • Need to specify a queue or username and a widget skin.
  • No service rollover.
  • Changes to your service require edits to your web page.
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  • Best option for most.
  • Embedded, pop-up, or follow-me widgets.
  • Fully customize offline appearance.
  • Easily integrate flexible proactive chat invitations.
  • Links queues and widget skin for you.
  • Allows for service rollover.
  • Simple copy/paste code snippet.
  • Service configuration details stored centrally.
  • Change your service without editing your web page.
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  • Do something creative on your own using our APIs.
  • Embedded, pop-up, or follow-me widgets.
  • Fully customize your offline appearance.
  • Fully customize your away and busy appearances.
  • Your chat code details (queue, widget, offline appearance) will be stored on your own site.
  • Examples in PHP and JavaScript to get your started.
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Document URL: http://docs.libraryh3lp.com/putting-widget-on-page.html