Profile Pages

Profile pages are used to assist your operators in answering chats. s can access profile pages from within the webchat client, by clicking on the queue avatar in the top left corner of each chat, or by following the chat management link in other clients.

To edit profile pages, first login to the admin site. Then, go to the Queues tab and edit your profile pages using the basic HTML editor.

Profile pages can be a handy way to store useful information for your operators. Things like hints for current assignments, shared passwords, URLs for hard-to-locate web pages, and even canned answers for quick copying and pasting can be stored in the queue profile.

Profile pages can be very useful in collaborative services as a way to provide metadata to operators from other institutions. You can also pass a queue name as an argument in order to display a profile for a queue other than the one the guest is chatting with. For example, the following code will display the profile page for the my-specific-library queue even though the chat is coming in over the our-collaboration queue:

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