Chat clients for your staff

Staffing your LibraryH3lp service can be as simple as logging into our native webchat client. But, there is much more flexibility available.

Any chat client that supports the XMPP (Jabber) chat protocol can be used to staff the service and answer chats. XMPP clients are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, and pretty much any mobile device you can think of.

When a user logs in to LibraryH3lp with their chat client, they bring any queues to which they are assigned online. This brings widgets for those queues online and also brings up any IM or SMS gateways associated with the queue.

So which client to choose? Have fun and experiment to find the best match.

Web clients Desktop clients Mobile & Tablet apps
  • Often favored by librarians only staffing chat for particular shifts.
  • Convenient, nothing to install. Runs in your favorite web browser.
  • Our webchat client provides looping new chat sound alert.
  • Our webchat client offers visual desktop alerts in Chrome & Firefox.
  • Third-party web clients also available. E.g. Trillian Web, imo, Zoho Chat.
  •
  • Usually favored by librarians already using an IM client.
  • Integrate LibraryH3lp with your existing IM workflow.
  • Robust and reliable.
  • Maximum flexibility for alerting features.
  • Auto-away on keyboard and mouse idle time.
  • Examples: Pidgin (PC), Adium (Windows).
  •
  • Best for staffing from a smart phone, iPad, or other tablet.
  • Superior to running a web client on a mobile device.
  • Provide good background alerting for new messages.
  • No need to keep chat client at front for reliable new message alerting.
  • Can even lock device and receive alerts of new chats.
  • Examples: BeeJive (JabberB), OneTeam.
  •

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